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Reilly's Fact Sheets Index
As a continuing service to Ottawa-area gardeners we are maintaining our web site with our gardening fact sheets written over the years. Enjoy ... and may your gardens prosper.
Municipal Compost: Is it For You?

Unfortunately it may be full of diseases

This article was first published in the Spring 2003 edition of The Epic Gardener.

Ready... Aim ... Neem
For Lily Leaf Beetles

Grossed out by squishing them!

An alternative is Neem Oil.


You aren't in this for the flowers, are you?


Are they really worth it?

Fall Planting

They'll love it! But you might get a little chilled...

Ornamental Grasses

One more place you don't have to mow.


When nothing else'll grow.

Rock Gardens

Fun with large chunks of heavy sharp things.

Seed Germination Primer

From germination to planting out.

Problems on Tap: Undoing your garden masterpieces with tap water

Ever wonder why your acid-loving plants are flagging?

This article was first published in the Spring 2001 edition of The Epic Gardener.

Fall Gardening Chores _ Winterizing Your Gardens

Timely tips on what to prune and how to condition plants for overwintering success.

Peony Fact Sheet

Easy to grow and a staple of perennial beds.

Hostas: Growing them to their Prime

Hostas need moisture and fertilizer in abundance.

Also contains a table (giving colour, height and spread parameters) of hostas for sale at Reilly's in 2001.

Composting Primer

How to Compost and

How to Use Your Nutrient Gold Mine

Hardy Roses

For extensive information on hardy roses, shrubs, and trees, visit the Galetta Nurseries web site.

Peony symptoms, how to tend your sick friends and links to other sites with treatment ideas.

Plants Crave Fungi: The benefits of adding fungi to soil at planting time

This article was first published in the Spring 2004 edition of The Epic Gardener.

Gosh ... you have to train them a bit first.

posted March 1, 2004
Planting Recommendations

This article appeared in the Spring 2005 edition of The Epic Gardener.

Hope I'll be excused for 'dissing' earthworms! Posted February 14, 2005

Hosta Virus X:

the disease and containing its spread

This article has been published in the Journal of the Perenial Plant Association, Summer, 2007 and the January 2007 newsletter of the Ottawa Horticultural Society.

You Too Can be a Successful Gardener

This factsheet focuses on how to make your gardens successful from the soil up.

You'll find tips and explanations on soil building, maintaining soil health through composting, and creating special soils for specialty gardens such as rock gardens and bogs.