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We no longer run a commercial nursery.

Links to some of the rest of the gardening world ...

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North American Rock Garden Society
The North American Rock Garden Society is the world's premier web site for information on and connections to the world of rock gardening.
Ottawa Valley Rock Garden and Horticultural Society
The Ottawa Valley Rock Garden and Horticultural Society has updated their web site. It has info on club activities, meetings and lots of information on rock garden plants - what else? We are members and rank it as one of the two best garden clubs in Ottawa.
Ottawa Horticultural Society

The Ottawa Horticultural Society has an extensive amount of gardening info on its site. Their site has info on club activities, meetings and lots of gardening articles. We also belong to this group of very active gardeners. It is Ottawa's oldest gardening club but is full of fresh ideas.

Ottawa Botanical Garden Society

The Ottawa Botanical Garden Society (OBGS) has as its focus the establishment of a botanical garden in Ottawa. Their site is where you can find out more about the botanic garden, its plans, history, mission and how you can participate in the future of a botanical garden in Ottawa.

We are members of the OBGS and lend a hand in as many ways as we can. We truly believe a botanical garden will serve Ottawa well in many ways. Fostering an expanding appreciation of gardening among local gardeners is just one benefit of a botanical garden. A botanical garden will also aid Ottawa's business community through increased tourist visitations and offer the citizens of Ottawa a sanctuary from the 'hurly-burly' of an urban existence.

The OBGS offers educational programs too. Check their web site for seasonal programs.

Backyard Gardener

Backyard Gardener Contains plenty of information for the casual gardener.


ICanGarden.com is a great gardening reference site with monthly articles and links to many garden suppliers and nurseries around the country. Go there once and I'm sure you'll return for the regularly updated information.


Aquascape has a very extensive commercial site on designing ponds and other water features. It has much useful information for those contemplating entering the water gardening world. From our experience, and we used Aquascape products before we became an agent for Aquascape products, having a pond, waterfall and a new theme garden has added a whole new dimension to the enjoyment of our property.

Be sure to also visit our photo gallery of the building of our pond system.