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(updated April 9, 2012)

Nursery closed:

Sadly our 25-year old nursery is now permanently closed. We'll garden more leisurely now, enjoy grandchildren and undertake some globe-trotting explorations. We are looking forward to our 'golden years'.

Carole is however continuing to provided 'Garden Consultation' services. Phil is still available for gardening talks and will continue to write on various gardening subjects.


Garden Soil Basics: (Click Here) :

This page focuses on how to make your gardens successful from the soil up. You'll find tips and explanations on soil building, maintaining soil health through composting, and creating special soils for specialty gardens such as rock gardens and bogs.


Archived gardening e-letters from Reilly's still available on-line:

Click here to go to the index page of archived gardening tips written especially for Ottawa-area gardeners (USDA Zones 3-4).


On-line Gardening Fact Sheets for the Ottawa-area Gardener

There are a number of on-line fact sheets on gardening with perennials in the Ottawa area.

Need a Speaker for Garden Club Meetings or other Gatherings

Phil's gardening presentations can be delivered 'on a moment's notice'.

Hosta Virus X: the disease and containing its spread.

This presentation runs about 60 minutes. Phil uses a 30 minute DVD to show photos of diseased hostas, to present how the virus is spread and how to contain it, and to outline what the virus means to hosta lovers. Click here to read Phil's article on Hosta Virus X

• 14 Gardens of the New York and Philadelphia areas. (90 minutes.)

This slide presentation captures a fall garden tour of major and unique gardens along the Atlantic seaborard. Our journey took us to Saratoga Springs N.Y., northern Connecticut (White Flower Farm _ Caprilands Herb Farm), coastal Connecticut (Greenwhich's Montgomery Pinetum), New York City (N.Y. Botanical Gardens, Wave Hill, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and Staten Island Botanical Gardens), Philadelphia (Pennsbury Manor, Bartram’s Historic Gardens, The Highlands, Peddlar’s Village, Philadelphia Horticultural Centre, Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Gardens), and the Wilmington, Delaware area (Longwood Gardens _ Winterthur).

• All Season Bloom for the Perennial Garden. (75 minutes.)

This slide presentation captures over 100 perennials in bloom over the season

Starting _ Maintaining a Pesticide-free Naturalized Garden.

Phil has a long history of participation in environmental issues - one of them the hazzards of use of pesticides on turf and in gardens. This presentation summarizes site considerations for deciding on the type of naturalized garden most suited to a property, outlines the steps to prepare the site and makes suggestions for plants to complete the garden.

Putting Your Garden to Bed.

Phil talks about readying your garden for successful overwintering. Topics include general garden maintenance, fall bulb planting and winterizing shrubs, trees, perennials and marginally hardy plants.

• Inspirational Gardens east of the Ottawa Valley.

This 60 minute presentation features an assortment of Quebec City and Montreal area public and private gardens visited on a recent tour hosted by the Garden Writers Association of America.

One of North America's premiere private gardens, 'Les Quatres Vents' the showpiece of Frank Cabot, is featured. This amazing garden is rarely open to the public . The Reford Gardens (formerly Métis Gardens) in Mont-Joli are also visited . Reford Gardens showcases some of the world's most innovative garden 'ideas' for the gardens of the 21st century. Slides from Montreal's Mosaiculture International Montréal 2000 at the Old Port will be included in the presentation. The Mosaiculture exhibition of 3-D carpet bedding-type displays was the world's first international competition of floral sculptures.

• Truckin' to Southwestern and West Coast U.S. Botanical Gardens.

This 60-minute slide presentation captures botanical gardens and natural areas enroute to California and Oregon. The focus of this presentation is desert flora and plants of the world's mediterranean areas as seen in a number of prestigeous botanical gardens. A pot-pourris of garden 'portraits', found in Japanese-styled gardens, a California winery, and a California mansion make this an hour of gardening 'dreaming'.

Want to preview this presentation? Click here to go to the abbreviated web-version of the presentation.

Ornamental Grasses Hardy In the Ottawa Area.

Phil begins this 60 minute digital presentation with a primer on growing and maintaining ornamental grasses hardy in Ottawa's Zone 5 environment. In this richly illustrated presentation (originally prepared for the Alberta Horticultural industry) are many compositional photos of distinct ornamental grass gardens as well as ideas for incorporating grasses in conventional perennial gardens. Don't miss this presentation ... it is one of the best digital gardening presentations around (pardon the immodesty) using multiple images on the screen, garden statuary used as accent points and growing information icons on each image.

Xeriscaping: Gardening with Plants Suited to Low Water Demands.

Phil introduces the concept of xeriscaping: gardening with plants tough enough to withstand low moisture conditions. Many plants in high-elevation mountains, in deserts and around salt-water areas have adpted to these very conditions. Garden design and soil preparation, to mimic the natural environmental conditions of these areas, is key to growing these tough plants. Plants with low water demands and growable in Ottawa's temperate environment are discussed.